Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Now on to the Mess"

Yesterday I received 2 more orders for my "Anything You Want Them To Be Books" so that leaves me with the mess I left behind a couple of days ago, after a creating frenzy...

Just now stood in the doorway wondering where to begin...
I think I will have my husband blindfold me, hand me a dart, then spin me around like pin the tail on the donkey and then go for it...EEEEKKKK...I guess I am a bit of a messy girl after all... 

Once the tables became totally stacked with stuff with absolutely no more room, I had to start throwing stuff on the floor..what a slob... :-)

This is usually totally clear with room to work, now see why the floor became another table...!!

Even the poor closet didn't escape..
This is another table in the room where I do cutting, stamping, painting, etc..well that is when all this stuff isn't all over it...

Now you totally get the whole Pin the Tale on the Donkey thing don't you???
However I do admit, when I take a gander at this, I remember with fondness all the coffee and fun I had making this disaster until 4:00 a.m....there is truly something special about those nights that lead into the wee hours of the morning!!!!
Off to tidy up...!!

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