Friday, July 29, 2011

"Audrey Hepburn"

This evening for some reason I was thinking and remembering
Audrey Hepburn.
Her style, her darlingness, her incredible way of being..
She was and will always be one of my all time favorites along with my most favorite..Doris Day..
When I watch her movies I find I just naturally stand up straighter,
get quieter and more introspective..
She was amazingly beautiful, poised and I believe she was the epitome of

So incredibly beautiful she was..!
To this day, when I need to curl up and get lost in pure 
pleasure I put on "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
and savor every moment...

Well that got me to thinking...
I am ready for a few new dresses..
Ya know good ole classic tailoring,
figure flattering,
ladylike styling..
Just like her style that still to this day is classic and lovely..

After searching the internet I found this great place to find just what I was looking for...
and I will be checking in often and savings my pennies.
Here are 4 that I desire..

Such a cutie pa-tootie little day would be just darling with these
From DSW..

And this...
I love, love, love this...its done by Kate Spade, but I fear I would definitely have to find a much less expensive copy cat of sorts..

And then this adorable sweetie pie..

 paired with these

Also from DSW

and with this darling thing...!
Also from Kate Spade..absolutely perfect in every way..

can't forget this perfect little thing..wish I had a polo match or something to go quite reminds me of the dress that Julia Roberts wore to a polo match in the movie "Pretty Woman"..

with these little cuties

Also DSW...I love that store..

with this..

What an absolutely splendid little clutch...and yes you guessed it..Kate Spade...
Have you figured out that I am completely drawn to her work!!!  Can't afford it, but most definitely drawn to it..:-)

And lastly this

I absolutely love this
with these

and this

I think I am quite done creating my wish list now...I hope Audrey would approve!

Happy Friday to all and if you might have an extra moment for curling might want to take in a little Hepburn!!!

Blessings always...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Thursday's Image to Ponder and Appreciate"

Enough said...

"Sometimes you can just feel how BLESSED you are"

Today a wonderful book arrived on my doorstep and after reading just 20 pages I seriously feel as if I was supposed to visit the website last week.

Upon arriving at this wonderful site I immediately clicked into the book club portion and came upon this book..

This is a book about what it means to take off negative traits and emotional entanglements and put on the character of Christ.
Kelly quotes a particularly poignant scripture from the bible..

Colossians 3:12 "
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience".

I am so excited to be sharing the reading of this book with my beloved cousin Linda... 
We will be reading and exchanging thoughts and ideas via e-mail as she lives all the way across the fun is that!!!

I also ordered another book that looks amazing to me. Linda's recommendation...

"Change your thoughts, change your life..
Living the Wisdom of the Tao"

I am extremely excited to get into the pages of this book..
I love this quote from the book.

"Improve your vision by looking beyond what your eyes see"

And also this on..

"Notice the eternal bliss that's always with you...
even with the delicacies are out of sight"

Hmmm, I am thinking those words are a perfect place to begin..

Oh I mentioned being blessed..well I am, in a thousand different ways..and choosing to feel blessed even through the most difficult times can be a most freeing way to face the world..

With that..I bid you "happiness"


Monday, July 25, 2011

"Monday Sharing"

I have a most wonderful treat for you in today's Monday Sharing..

I have been following this incredibly talented lady for about 2 years now..
She makes wonderful cards and other things, and actually does 2 videos most every week for you to watch and follow along.
She has inspired me with her ideas soooo much...
and she is so much fun to watch, although you don't see her face, just her hands and of course you hear her voice...
Her instructions are easily understood, detailed and of course you can follow right along with her...and if you are lucky you will get to hear her precious kitty Mannie talking in the background!

Thanks Kristina!

So what are you waiting her site a visit and go make some cards!!!


"Yesterday was a beautiful day"

It has been since last summer that we have had my Mr's side of the family all together, over for dinner.

It was such a beautiful day, just perfect for outdoor gabbing and dining..

It reached 90 degrees in Spokane yesterday, but we are so very fortunate to have many, many trees in our backyard..throughout the day it is draped in shade for the most part, with small shards of sunshine breaking through..even on the warmest days in remains quite pleasant.

Cribbage was played, boxes of old photos were gone through and shared, a little hacky sack between cousins and lots of gabbing and of course eating.

Delicious food..

Coney dogs...they were so yummy!  Its been so long since I have had a coney..what a wonderful treat that brings back, for me, so many memories!

Penne pasta with spinach, mangos, grape tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, basil pesto and parmesan...a new recipe from called Scrumptious time I make this I will add 2 or 3 mangos, depending on size. The recipe called for 1 and it just wasn't enough, for me anyway.

Imitation crab and bread salad, so incredibly daughter loves this salad and anytime we are getting together in the summer for a barbecue, she always asks for it..
It is quite simple actually...the recipe sounds kind of weird, but in the end it tastes like an Egg Salad sandwich with crab..

1 package imitation crab
1 small onion chopped finely
1-2 stalks of celery chopped small
1 loaf of white sandwich bread, buttered on both sides, crusts cut off and cut into cubes
6 hard boiled eggs chopped
Mix all together with enough mayo so that you have the consistency of egg salad.

Uncle Robin's absolutely, always, yummy potato salad

and can't eat outside in the summer without watermelon!

For dessert we enjoyed

Espresso brownies

Marion berry pie


an Ice Cream Sundae bar..

It was a lovely, perfect day shared with family!

Blessings and many hopes that you will have a most lovely, perfect day with you and yours!


Friday, July 22, 2011

"Monday Sharing on Friday"

Its been quite some time since I had a "Monday Sharing" post..
Not because I didn't want to share, or didn't have a new blog to share, but basically because I have been going in 1,000 different directions and my poor little blog has been on the back burner..
But time to gather my wits about me as well as all my little duckies that have gotten out of their row and move forward..

So without further is the newest blog that I am totally in love with...feast your eyes and enjoy!!!

These ladies are mondo talented...
They are a family of artists...Lori, Connie, Jill and Emily..
How cool is that..
You will find their lovely, inspirational work, ideas, and writings at

Here are a couple of examples of their wonderful work..

So give yourself a great big Friday treat and pay them a visit...but leave yourself some
time to wander around their site...there is truly so much to see and love!!!

Blessings and hopes for all to have a most wonderful weekend..


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Our time at the Perry Street Fair"

What a beautiful day it was on Saturday and what a beautiful day for a neighborhood gathering.
All of the vendors were set up in Grant Park which is adjacent to Perry Street, the main street running through the neighborhood.
It began with a little parade that was mostly comprised of different children's dance groups and such..
The local eateries were all open serving their specialties,
The Buddhist Temple had opened its doors wide for the curious with questions,
A neighborhood garage sale was being held in one of the parking lots and there were bands taking turns providing the background ambiance...
It was a fun day....a day of relaxing and people watching!
I was there with my little mixed media canvases, my Mr was there with his photography work and our neighbor Justine was with us, right next to us, with her wonderful bottle cap amazing, beautiful daughter of 2ee's Photography came to join us and visit and while there she snapped off a few pictures...

I had my canvases hanging from a wire that was strung across our tent..
It was quite charming as they spun and turned with the wind..

I had taken with me one of my first "She Art Girls" that I made after taking Christy Tomlinson's
"She Art Workshop", but it was not for sale..just accompanying me to my first time at the fair as a reminder of how far I have come in the last couple of years...she is my angel girl canvas and actually  will now move on to my daughter's house...I made it for her as a thank you for all she has done for me, all the times she was right there by my side on the darkest days and how much she means to me..I'm so touched that this picture turned out with it as the focus.

The Mr. and me with his beautiful print taken on the island of Kauai in the background..
Was he napping?  How did I not see that...?  We were both so exhausted working at our regular jobs and then getting ready for the fair...we were both running on about 2 hours of sleep...but how did he catch a nap and I didn't know it..?  :-)

Adorable Justine and her bottlecap art...she is absolutely the sweetest girl int he world and sooo, love, love her!!!

Her pebble magnet sets...
She does such great work and people flock to her tent...

But I have to say...this was the highlight of my day

"The Scoop Ice Cream Truck"
They are a great little restaurant for coffee, sandwiches, homemade ice cream and such located in a beautiful neighborhood on Spokane's South Hill.
For event's they send out this darling old international turquoisey grayish green truck to serve their delicious ice cream...the girl working in the truck is decked out in a 50's type apron and it totally throws me back to my childhood...
I want that little ice cream truck and that fun is around to events in the coolest ice cream truck I have ever seen and bring smiles to everyone's faces!!! Hmmm...and you get to dress up in vintage aprons...oh I can feel a dream of something coming on!!!

A fun day was had by all!!!

Happy day

Friday, July 15, 2011

"The Perry Street Fair is upon us"

Just a quick post this morning as I have been up since early this morning putting a few finishing touches on my work..
We are so incredibly excited, my Mr. and me to be participating in the "Perry Street Fair"
Here is an article printed in our local paper in July 2010 about this wonderful neighborhood..
and in fact the neighborhood that I grew up in..

Celebrating neighborhoods: Spokane's South Perry Street district

Small towns dot the landscape of Eastern Washington. It's easier to get to know larger towns and cities by getting acquainted with them through their small neighborhoods and districts. If you're traveling to or through Spokane, Washington, the South Perry Business District is worth your time. South Perry Street (originally known as the Grant Park Addition, is one of Spokane's oldest neighborhoods. As with similar neighborhoods, South Perry has seen its share of decline and rejuvenation.
The compact neighborhood is made up of an eclectic mix of old and new, historical and modern. Lorien Herbs & Natural Foods, Spokane's original natural foods store, in recent years has made its home in the charming and historic, 80 year old, Windmill Building. 
Next door to Lorien a brand-new boutique, Veda Lux, is celebrating its grand opening during July's Street Fair. The boutique owner, Summer Hightower, is putting the final touches on her artful displays of vintage clothing and shoes, original jewelry and custom hair ornaments. You can find Summer on Facebook.
Recently voted Best New Restaurant in a readers' poll, and housed in a remodeled building that was originally a laundromat, South Perry Pizza, is dishing up artisan pizza, regional beers and wines, and gourmet ice cream. The interior is charming and friendly. There is outdoor seating available in fine weather.
The South Perry Farmer's Market is hosted at The Shop on Thursdays, 3pm-7pm, June through October.
The atmosphere on Perry is lively and cheerful. Nearby Grant Park is a large and open green space just a block from the busy arterial. There are several empty storefronts along Perry Street but this seems more indicative of change than of economic decline.
The South Perry Street Fair, July 17-18, 2010, celebrates all that makes South Perry a unique neighborhood. The fair will take place between 8th and 12th avenues and in Grant Park. This is a kid and family friendly event, with a parade, vendors, food and entertainment. There will be free bicycle tune-ups available. Neighborhood churches will host a worship service in Grant Park on Sunday, July 18. Profits from the street fair will go to the Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center and Grant Elementary School. Get a complete schedule here
Not far from Interstate 90, South Perry Street is easy to get to. It's compact and fairly pedestrian friendly, though be sure you're crossing at a crosswalk. Perry Street is a busy arterial. Parking is free and plentiful. 
Coming in August: the Garland Street Fair will celebrate another of Spokane's historic neighborhood's.
Well off to work, but tonight I will post more about this wonderful event and a few pictures of our work to boot...
A most blessed day to all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"There is nothing quite like waking up with Holley"

Each morning upon waking, finding my way to both my coffee and my computer, I am blessed!!!
Blessed for a multitude of things..
One of them is this incredible lady Holley Gerth!
As I sip my coffee and peruse through all the e-mails that have come in through the night, there it is, waiting..
I open it with expectation, as I know, she will present me with just the right words at just the perfect time to see me through...
Happy Day to all and relish these beautiful thoughts..
Peace Out

The sky blazes blue above us. The road whirs beneath the wheels of my bike. It's early morning and the heat is just beginning to nip at our heels. We race it. 
My husband says, "Get behind me and you can draft."
I've heard this term when the Tour de France comes around each year but I'm not really sure what it means. 
I pull in snug to his back tire.
And suddenly everything is better. I'm going faster with less effort. 
When we come to a smooth stretch, I slip in beside him.
"Why did it get so much easier?" I ask
"I took the wind for you. I faced the resistance so you didn't have to."
I smile in recognition--I may not have done this on a bike before but my heart knows the feeling. Oh, yes.
When a friend stands in front of me with uplifting words as the enemy tries to breathe down my neck. 
When someone helps me with a hard task--one that seems too much for me in the moment. 
When a one of you leaves a comment with the four words that perhaps break the opposition most effectively, "I'm praying for you."
When a biking team is racing, they take turns drafting off each other. Each rider gets to be the one who benefits and then at some point its their time to stand in the gap for someone else. 
Isn't that what we're called to do as well?
Encouragement is a lot like "drafting" for the heart. 
Who stands in front of you and takes the resistance sometimes? Tell them thank you.
And who are you letting come behind you so that you can help them along? Keep it up--you're making a difference even more than you know. 
We pull into home. 
My legs are tired but I feel good. 
I look at the one who helped me make it and I smile. 
Yes, we really are better together.
You, me, all of us.  
Getting stronger as we go. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

"An Old Special Table Gone New Special Table"

I've started a new project...amongst all the others :-)

In the early 1960's or so my beloved Grandpa John Rule built a most beautiful picnic table for my precious Grandma Mary.
They lived on the shores of Loon Lake here in Eastern Washington..

Aptly named for the Loons that are its permanent residents..

...such a beautiful place that had been created over the years by the two of them.
They were both so incredibly talented, could do anything...
It was a most wonderful place to spend a childhood..
I loved the company of my Grandma and Grandpa..
I loved the lake..
So many pieces of time embedded forever in my memory..

I have diverted, of course...its ME... :-)

As I was saying, I have begun a new project...
I was fortunate enough when my Grandma passed on several years ago, to inherit the wonderful picnic table that my Grandpa had so lovingly built...
It has served many purposes over the years as it did when spending time with them at the lake...
So many gatherings, so many meals eaten on this many family moments shared together at this table..

Well recently I decided that it was due some sprucing up...
When visiting my daughter recently I noticed that she had some leftover paint from painting her dining room...yes I know...its indoor paint..
However, with what I have planned  I will be sealing it with an outdoor vanish when I am finished...

Right now I have only just started..
Here are the first pictures and one of what I have planned for the top...

I absolutely love this color...its by Behr and the name of it is 
Retro Avocado

This is a picture of what I have planned for the top

Right now I just have the base coat on...I am going to put one more coat on and then start on the hearts...
Having just completed Christy Tomlinson's She Had 3 Hearts Workshop
I was totally inspired by the work I have done in the workshop...and the meaning behind 
"She Had 3 Hearts"

I will post more pictures as I move along...

Thank you for taking a gander..

Blessings Always..