Monday, July 4, 2011

"A Fine Day in the Country"

It has been way too long since my side of the family gathered together, but we made up for it yesterday...we gathered together at my brother Kirk's house out in the country by a little town called Tum Tum,  just a couple of minutes down a very bumpy dirt road to Long Lake..
What a wonderful day...a little hot for me and admittedly a little noisy for my old ears too,
but that is how it is when you gather my side together...they tend to like to have
a few and out talk each other...note: I say this with much affection..but I do tend to be a bit quieter in nature than the rest...!!!

A few pics of the day, compliments of my Mr. of course...

Great nephew and "Frank"

What a cutie pie!!!

Youngest niece...incredibly creative artist and, love, love her!

Coolin off...clothes and all!

Oldest nephew  "great nephew's Daddy"
Love, love, love this guy...when he was but a little wee one, "Annie, as he named me when he was young, because of course he couldn't say Auntie" and this nephew spent lots of time together and became very special to each other for all time.
To this day he and his siblings still call me Annie...always makes my heart he is all grown up with a family and another baby on the way!!!

Nephew's other half and "great nephew's Mommy"
Such a sweet, beautiful, love, love her too!!

Niece and nephew (brother and sister)...

Youngest little brother and wife...gosh does he look like he needs to get some sun next to her or what??? Ha Ha


Youngest nephew..such a sweetheart...of course I love, love, love comical!!!

Baby sister and son...she is not going to be happy with me for posting this, as she was right out of the water...but she moves around so much its hard to get her picture!  Naturally I love, love, love her too!!!  Such an incredible cook!  Thanks Nat for the wonderful eats!

Me (Annie) and my darling nephews...

They love their "Annie"  I am sooo blessed!

Youngest nephew with "Grandma" my very "Sweet Spitfire Mommy"
Can't help but just love, love, love her to bits!!!

Your's truly and goodness I love these guys!
But I totally think I look WAY younger than they all honesty I am the oldest, but always claiming I am the youngest... :-)

Youngest brother and daughter...

Nieces and Me...where in the heavens did my top go? It totally looks like I am running around with no top on...God forbid!
Honestly its there...!!!

Other Mom and Dad and one and only sister in-law on my side..
Such a wonderful part of all of our lives...
We all love you very much!!!!

Oldest younger brother...look what having all his family over to his quiet country home has done to him...does he not look haggard at the end of a long weekend of hosting this wild crowd?
Poor guy...several of the family stayed with him for 3 nights...
I bet he was looking forward to peace and quiet... :-)
Love ya brother...thanks for having us, we loved every minute of it and love you too!!!

And can't possibly leave out my handsome Mr.-the photographer!
I now refer to him as Ernest...his sister thinks with his long hair he is looking rather like Ernest Hemingway...I'm not quite sure, but I will call him Ernest anyway...I always thought Hemingway was quite handsome!
We all love, love, love you...such a good guy!!!

Happy 4th!!!
And of course blessings to all...

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  1. Love, love, love seeing all the family photos! You do look younger than your brothers, pretty! Scott's wife is beautiful. What a fun time for all of you! And your hubby is indeed very handsome. Thanks for sharing. I sooo enjoyed the photos!

    Love and Blessed Be!