Friday, July 8, 2011

"An Old Special Table Gone New Special Table"

I've started a new project...amongst all the others :-)

In the early 1960's or so my beloved Grandpa John Rule built a most beautiful picnic table for my precious Grandma Mary.
They lived on the shores of Loon Lake here in Eastern Washington..

Aptly named for the Loons that are its permanent residents..

...such a beautiful place that had been created over the years by the two of them.
They were both so incredibly talented, could do anything...
It was a most wonderful place to spend a childhood..
I loved the company of my Grandma and Grandpa..
I loved the lake..
So many pieces of time embedded forever in my memory..

I have diverted, of course...its ME... :-)

As I was saying, I have begun a new project...
I was fortunate enough when my Grandma passed on several years ago, to inherit the wonderful picnic table that my Grandpa had so lovingly built...
It has served many purposes over the years as it did when spending time with them at the lake...
So many gatherings, so many meals eaten on this many family moments shared together at this table..

Well recently I decided that it was due some sprucing up...
When visiting my daughter recently I noticed that she had some leftover paint from painting her dining room...yes I know...its indoor paint..
However, with what I have planned  I will be sealing it with an outdoor vanish when I am finished...

Right now I have only just started..
Here are the first pictures and one of what I have planned for the top...

I absolutely love this color...its by Behr and the name of it is 
Retro Avocado

This is a picture of what I have planned for the top

Right now I just have the base coat on...I am going to put one more coat on and then start on the hearts...
Having just completed Christy Tomlinson's She Had 3 Hearts Workshop
I was totally inspired by the work I have done in the workshop...and the meaning behind 
"She Had 3 Hearts"

I will post more pictures as I move along...

Thank you for taking a gander..

Blessings Always..


  1. Your table looks so inviting! I painted mine a bright sunshine yellow - and it makes me smile every time I see it!

  2. OMGosh, Val! I can totally relate to this blog post. I will forever remember my summers at Loon Lake. Some of the most REMARKABLE times in my childhood/life. I treasured those times with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I loved waiting for Uncle John (the engineer of the train) to toot as he passed by the home. So sweet that you have the table he made. I loved him so much........thought he was one of the best uncle ever!

  3. lovely paint creations, val! very fun!

  4. YEA!!! for paint and furniture that is full of memories!!! Once again dreaming of something that will give that piece of furniture more stories to tell. My daughter once gave me a book that she had written for me. It was a story about the life of a family as told through the eyes of the kitchen table. What a sweet thought. All the fun and laughter, tears and struggles of a family taken place around the family table. Smiling big... thinking about your special table.... All the fun and laughter that took place around your table in the woods. Thanks for your kind words and support. Someday we shall hug in person I just know it! ox