Friday, July 29, 2011

"Audrey Hepburn"

This evening for some reason I was thinking and remembering
Audrey Hepburn.
Her style, her darlingness, her incredible way of being..
She was and will always be one of my all time favorites along with my most favorite..Doris Day..
When I watch her movies I find I just naturally stand up straighter,
get quieter and more introspective..
She was amazingly beautiful, poised and I believe she was the epitome of

So incredibly beautiful she was..!
To this day, when I need to curl up and get lost in pure 
pleasure I put on "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
and savor every moment...

Well that got me to thinking...
I am ready for a few new dresses..
Ya know good ole classic tailoring,
figure flattering,
ladylike styling..
Just like her style that still to this day is classic and lovely..

After searching the internet I found this great place to find just what I was looking for...
and I will be checking in often and savings my pennies.
Here are 4 that I desire..

Such a cutie pa-tootie little day would be just darling with these
From DSW..

And this...
I love, love, love this...its done by Kate Spade, but I fear I would definitely have to find a much less expensive copy cat of sorts..

And then this adorable sweetie pie..

 paired with these

Also from DSW

and with this darling thing...!
Also from Kate Spade..absolutely perfect in every way..

can't forget this perfect little thing..wish I had a polo match or something to go quite reminds me of the dress that Julia Roberts wore to a polo match in the movie "Pretty Woman"..

with these little cuties

Also DSW...I love that store..

with this..

What an absolutely splendid little clutch...and yes you guessed it..Kate Spade...
Have you figured out that I am completely drawn to her work!!!  Can't afford it, but most definitely drawn to it..:-)

And lastly this

I absolutely love this
with these

and this

I think I am quite done creating my wish list now...I hope Audrey would approve!

Happy Friday to all and if you might have an extra moment for curling might want to take in a little Hepburn!!!

Blessings always...

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