Thursday, June 30, 2011

"When the Sun is out but its raining inside"

Looking up at the sky it is blue as blue can be.
The sun is shining, casting warmth and light,
yet inside it feels damp and dreary..
Reasons are illusive
Explanations are not readily apparent
it just is..
So it goes, and goes and goes..
Living life with "Major Depressive Disorder" a conundrum..
But living life is the important part...
"Forward Motion" as is "Julia Roberts" mantra, is what there is..
Look down, now one step first then another follows..
where those feet are headed, somedays planned and others not so much...
Don't be afraid, I have been here before and most likely will be again..
Paint a pretty picture, see the rain through new eyes...
Feel it cleanse, wash away the stuff, feed the flowers budding inside..
Open up the umbrella of my heart, of my faith, putting on my polka dot rain boots...
Thats it...SPLASH through the puddles, hum a little song..
Be me, with the sun, with the matter its ok!


  1. And know that many people love you very very much, Madame Sister.

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