Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Sunday And The Livin Is Easy, With Some Major Randomness Thrown In"

Awakened this morning to sunshine and birdsong..
The Mr off golfing
The son off to work
My faithful pup curled on the blanket beside my bed..
I open my eyes, stretch these old bones of mine, glance down as my pup looks up at me delighted with my waking, stretching herself with a big yawn..

We climb out of our resting spots, the both of us meander our way down the hall towards the coffee...hmm...I look down and inquire of her, "well girl, should it be regular pot this morning or the delightful treat of the French press?"
As she sits waiting beside me she looks up with that adoring look only a most faithful devoted canine friend can decision on her part...
Deciding myself upon the regular pot, much quicker, and admittedly I am feeling a bit lazy this morning..
We wait her and I...I think the coffee pot is quite like the pot of boiling water...just sits there if you stare at it..
Off we go for moments of morning necessities..
Ahhh..the smell of a brewed pot of loveliness..
Mug in hand, pup traipsing behind, out we go for a bit of patio pondering on such a lovely day...

New projects to ponder...
Starting with this...

Now that the sun has come out, tomorrow shall bring a trip to my favorite garden store "Judy's Enchanted Garden" for a bit of flowery color and on to the hardware store for a few pots to paint and fill..

And then I dream of, as I swing peacefully, this beautiful patio..
I think I must dream of something like this...

including those incredible doors...I do however worry about the rain..will have to continue to ponder that a bit..maybe a large patio umbrella like a red one..such a lovely daydream to start ones morning time!

I so however have a great umbrella now but its that ugly hunter green color..I wonder if you can paint them successfully...? A red or brown background with lots of flowers or something would be this maybe..

So cute...I think I would paint the outside Brown and the underside like this..that way it could be seen..ok now I'm totally lovin this daydream..


What to do, what to do..
reading...most certainly
a bit of painting...YES, my gosh that's it..

One mug consumed and I toddle off to my brushes and paint..

a few pics of the things I have been working on today..

 A new canvas I am working on for my Angel Daughter...

Of course I really need to get this poor little angel girl some hair and a face would be nice too...a work in progress..

A work in progress for the "Perry Street Fair" I will be a part of in July..

This first week of the new
Soul Restoration II Class

One of our assignments was to decorate a recipe box...its nots quite done yet...but I think its pretty darn cute..

And lastly I started painting my new Art Journal for the class as well..
far from done..just started..

Well that is about it for today's randomness..
What an absolutely wonderful Sunday!

Blessings Always

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  1. You are so whimsical. I really love this about you!