Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Whew I've Been Busy, But Lovin It"

Wow...where have I been?
Well, to be honest, I have been inhabiting an incredible parallel universe!  Has she finally gone over the edge you might be asking yourself..?
In a way yes...over the edge into the bliss of Christy Tomlinson's

I have been completely immersed in this incredible class..
So many incredible teaching videos..
So many amazing techniques..
Sooooooo many ideas floating around in this little red head of mine..
I have been in heaven, feeling strong and productive, peaceful and  content...

And here are a few recent creations that landed on the paper of my ART JOURNAL..!!

The beginning...

Still have some more journaling to put on this one...but I absolutely adore it!!

Love, Love, Love this cutie pie!!! Makes me so happy just looking at it!!

And this one too!!!  The day I did both of these was such a fun day..

What a crappy picture...oh Val you silly girl, didn't you see that awful glare..
anyway..this was a really cool class..Christy taught us how to mix texture medium with paint and then use stencils or pretty much anything you like, adding incredible texture to your what I actually did was mix gel medium with Liquitex Ink...I then obviously filled butterfly stencils..and embedded the buttons into it..when dry they are all shiny and bumpy and so cool!!!

I love this page...
The day I created this page I had the luxury of laying down for a rest mid afternoon...outside the sounds of lawns being mowed and sweet little birds happily singing from the tree outside my bedroom window lulled me to such a wonderful, peaceful sleep.

There is that darn glare again..!!
My husband absolutely loves this page..I created it by using a darling bird stencil I bought from Christy's store 

The stencil is from "Crafter's Workshop"
I used two small paintbrushes and brown and green chalk ink from "Color Box" to fill in the birds, branches and leaves to create the background...I think it turned about quite pretty...

So much fun for me...
I have loved every lesson, loved every new idea and
Absolutely loved this class with all my HEARTS!!!
Thank you Christy for teaching me more than you will ever know...


  1. You certainly have put all those wonderful art products to work in such a happy and joyful manner! That is a lot of work! I am certain it was well worth the time and energy. Such a healing experience, as well.

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  3. I like how you made the overlapping hearts and the way you outline the flowers. My fav is the "Signs of Spring" one. Just lovely!