Monday, June 13, 2011

"Its Raining Again...Are You Kidding Me?"

Enough already, this is not Seattle...
If you happened to read my blog yesterday, I was talking about making a trip to my favorite garden store for some lovelies today..
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and how dumb of me to make the assumption that today was going to be the same...but alas...woke up to this...!!!

Well I will not be detoured...rain or no rain I am going to have my little outing and even if I have to get soaked planting those said little lovelies, I'm going to do it..
For heavens sake, its June 13th..what in the world is up with all this rain and cooler temps..?

Well enough negative blathering on my part...

Yesterday I took some photos of our front and backyard gardens...the Mr. had just made everything so pretty...!!!  And boy were there lots of weeds to tend..
I love, love, love my yard...our retreat of sorts..
It will look so much prettier with some color..not that I don't love green!!!


Just imagine all sorts of flowers nestled in and along the walkway...
Stupid weather!!!

I love this Rhododendron..its hard to see but it is such a beautiful, subtle, soft yellow...soooo pretty!

Its difficult to tell in this picture, but these leaves are really big and if the poopey weather ever minds it manners they will grow to be huge...the only bummer is the slugs love these leaves...oh well, so be it..we don't believe in using pest controls or weed killers or anything...nature is nature...and who am I to deprive those little pesky slugs of their veggies..

This is the little arbor that my husband and son's built for my daughter's wedding in our backyard in September of 08!!

It was so perfect at the wedding!!! Obviously now though it needs a new coat of that clear sealer stuff to brighten it up..

A couple more pictures of the yard from the wedding

It was so beautiful and the perfect lovely day...and if you look real close, on the left halfway down the aisle is our pup just laying in the sun during the wedding...soooo cute..

This was photographed from husband patiently strung silk orchids on fishing line to hang as if they were floating...this picture doesn't really do it justice but it was stunning...they would move slightly with the breeze.

Just one more of the back yard at the was quite lovely...

And a couple more from yesterday...

There's are pup Maddie...she is almost 13 now and such an incredible canine soul..
She typically hates her picture taken, but I snuck this one in on her...

I love these little plants and the little pink flowers, but let me tell you they are soooo incredibly invasive and will choke out everything in their path...and on top of that, when you pull them out they stink to high heaven...a sickly sweet smell....!!!

One more..

The ferns are quite incredible this year...but then again they multiply like crazy...we are going to have to dig a bunch up and move them to my daughter's house....they are trying to take over!!!

Well thats it for my little garden tour...hope to take more pictures after the addition of flowering lovelies..

Hope you enjoyed..


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  1. Very lush and green Val. Much like Seattle, Oregon and our place in OH. I hope your summer doesn't come too late! We were in the 90's last week, but now in the 70's with sunshine daily. What happened here?
    Love the outdoor wedding photos. Your daughter is so pretty.