Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Up at Dawn"

What a wonderful 3 day weekend...!!

I had a Saturday off...!!! Normally that is the busiest day where I work and being the receptionist I am movin and multi-tasking like nobody's business..but alas my job sharing partner was kind enough to give the ole gal a break..thanks sweetie pie Dakota...

Spent Saturday with my daughter, she would say dragging her around..but actually we weren't in Hobby Lobby for THAT long..
She will say 2 hours, but actually I would say 40 min max..
what can I say but, I had a list..there was stuff I couldn't live without..really I'm serious...
Started Christy Tomlinson's "She had 3hearts" art journal class last Monday, so was in serious need..and couldn't wait for shipping..
Although was quite disappointed when they didn't carry "Pan Pastels" or the oil based Shiva Artist "Paintstiks"..
However I did buy some fun stuff..
Like these..

Master's Touch 25 ct. Paint Brush Set..

and these

 Obviously these are sponges..

and these

had to have these..I mean shading is important..

and pretty, I love just staring at that weird or what?

this was majorly important

Faber Castell's Big Brushes
was only able to get the black this time....but
I have my eyes on the rest of you!!!

After watching an incredible watercolor artist video
absolutely had to get and try these

aren't they the excited to use them..

and then there were these

I love them all and they were 50% off..but let we tell you...THEY STINK!
probably won't get them again..

and then this was a must for a new technique I watched....

Have been meaning to get this for quite some time it..

And die for...not all of these yet, just Cerulean Blue right now
but more are definitely in my future..such beauties..

and these of course!

Well not all of these,just raw sienna now..but I totally think I need them all someday

and lastly these...

hey, if you are going to be working with charcoals for shading, you most definitely need blending stumps!!!

So there it shopping trip to Hobby Lobby with my impatient daughter...
I swear it only took me 30-40 minutes to grab these things..
but I actually heard her describe it as being subjected to
"Crafting Hell"
Are you kidding Me?  
Well at least she went...but she obviously didn't inherit my love of all things art..
Wait a minute...she's a photographer!!!
I thought all artists in all forms were supposed to have an affection and understanding of all mediums..
Well now evidently we need to have a talk..

Happy Day to all....!!!

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  1. Cute! Love hearing about your excursion. Isn't it just so fun to buy new art supplies? You are following in your Aunt and Grandmother's footsteps Dearheart!