Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dreams and Chubby fingers...

 I totally want this painting..hint hint Ash...waking up to this little buddy staring at me, would most definitely begin my day with a smile and a chuckle!! Actually now that I think about it, my son always loved, loved, loved, giraffe's...I think he should be the one to wake up to this guy...hear that girl...the walls of his apartment are in need of some family art!!

My incredibly talented niece Ashley, hey girl aren't genetic's fascinating and aren't we the fortunate to have fallen into this particular gene pool?? Anyway, I divert, she has applied to the Art Institute of Pittsburg and is now in the process of putting together what is needed to secure her scholarship. Go Ash..and in her most enlightened words... I feel empowered, I feel productive and capable of anything. Today it seems my dreams and aspirations are just within my grasp. When I finally get my chubby sausage fingers around those suckers, There will be NOTHING that can stop me.

My goodness isn't she beautiful and darling!!! 
Love you Ashley girl....make it happen and don't give up until it does...

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  1. You are wonderful Annie <3. I am glad I am so much like you. You inspire me more then you know.