Monday, January 31, 2011

#5 of Ten Things "Snorkeling in Kauai"

I feel the most at peace, the most content, the most in awe and the most aware of God's presence and the incredible world of nature that we are surrounded by, when I am face down, fins on my feet, mask and snorkel on my face, floating in the beautiful turquoise, wonderfully warm waters of Tunnels Beach in Kauai...

For me, there is absolutely nothing like being alone, just you and the magical, colorful, underwater world of the Pacific Ocean...

So vast, so incredibly enormous, some of its waters frigidly cold, yet others as warm as bath makes me small and as innocent as a child, for that is how I feel as I slowly move amongst the vastness and diversity of both sea creatures in all shapes and colors, but also, the infinite variations of plant life.  To merely float, as if you are totally alone, with the only sound you hear being that of your own breath and the only thing you see is this world you are not apart of, but for only a moment.

It is amazing to me how many fish of all shapes,sizes and beautiful colors swim about you with evidently little fear or concern.  You enter their world and it doesn't appear to be disturbing to them.  Maybe its because they are used to us humans invading their space, but I choose to believe that they are so aware of the incredible beauty of their homes, that they are more than delighted to share with graciousness.  

I envy them somewhat, for what seems to be such a simple life..oh I am completely aware it is a quite predatory world, but at the same time, their togetherness and synchronized swimming feels interestingly safe to me...

On our last visit to Hawaii, staying our entire trip on the North End of Kauai, I was able to not only view a sea turtle for the first time with my very own little eyes, but actually swim along beside one for a few very special, very incredible moments.  Words do not exist for me to be able to describe that experience.

What I do know for sure is that I feel most at one with myself and the world around me, when I am just floating along with my fishy friends beside and around me!


  1. Beautiful, reading your description makes me feel like I’m back at tunnels again. The last trip you felt safe and could go it alone, but the first trip was another story. You were 7 months pregnant with Michael and had a hard time navigating the waters alone, so we spent most of our time hand in hand, me the motor, and you in tow, for most of our snorkeling trips. Boy, what memories, can’t wait to go back.

  2. Just you and the widdle fishies. It really is an amazing planet.