Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And just a little bit about Me

The Napali Coast Kauai
A "feast" for all the senses and absolute relaxation to boot..

Besides my family, and that goes without saying, there are a few things that capture my heart and fill the empty spaces.  Since we are a family that loves, loves, loves, photography and pictures, I thought I would just say it with pictures along with a few little captions...

My Apron..when I put it on, my place in the world feels right..like I am right where I'm supposed to be. It somehow symbolizes for me, pure comfort.. 

In the making of "My Soup", my favorite thing to cook, it is the pleasure of the making, the comfort of the eating and the gift of sharing.

Books...Books...Books...I couldn't live without being surrounded by them...incredible journeys to embark on..wonderful friends...

Surrounded by color, texture and patterns, my senses are enhanced & enlightened...I am inspired to create, not just for the sake of it, but as a way to find my own unique niche...Although I feel as if I have lost my voice in some ways, I regain it through my expression artistically and therefore leave even but a little whisper of who I am.

My faith is part of who I am..knowing that I have a loving Father who shares in my pain and my triumphs and points the way to the path he has created for me, brings me the ultimate peace and comfort and joy!

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  1. "the pleasure of the making, the comfort of the eating and the gift of sharing" - I like that line!