Monday, January 24, 2011

"New Pictures from my incredibly talented husband"

I have been attempting every weekend to post new photograph's taken either by my husband "Eric Johnson" or my daughter "Erika Walker" of 2 ee's Photography but I totally spaced here are the newest and if I do say so myself they are incredible...!!

All of these photo's are taken around the Spokane was I kidding, how incredible are these? Amazing huh?  Any of the photograph's at 2 ee's Photography are always for sale..if you are interested, please visit their website and contact Eric or Erika.  They will be so happy to assist you with just the right size, as well as finish, to achieve your desired results...



  1. The blue railroad bridge photo is my favorite. It has a dreamlike quality to it . . . it's amazing how a picture can have so much power. Not just be pleasing or intriguing to look at, but also thought-inspiring. That's what this one does for me.

  2. Pretty darn awesome, Val! I am impressed!