Friday, January 28, 2011

"#2 of the Ten Things"

2.  I have been accused numerous times, by numerous people, of viewing the world through rose colored glasses...and the way in which it was expressed was insinuating it was a fault or if nothing else, a naive way of seeing things...
Little did they know, that on 2 counts they were actually very accurate!
  Both figuratively as well as literally...

Figuratively speaking, I find the world to be quite warm and inviting, easier to inhabit and frankly a kinder, gentler, friendlier place when the rose lenses are in place. At least, for me!  But then I tend to live quite nicely and happily in my own little world of my very own making...

Literally speaking, it takes just one look at me to know this is true, as I wear rose colored lensed sun glasses from sun-up until sundown everyday.  And if by chance I can't find them, or leave them elsewhere, I have to go get some more. I now have 3 pairs...just in case...I know, I know...bizarre!
I do find comfort however that Jack Nicholson, whom I happen to adore, can be seen in his sun specks all hours of the day as well...should I actually derive comfort from that? Hmm. 
Crazy?!! Yeah I admit it and acknowledge that one must wonder!
Its ok, I totally understand the puzzled looks that might be coming across your faces right now..
No excuses, no apologies, no detailed explanations...simply...that's just me!  I am a low light girl. I like the way things look in soft warm light, candle glow, the light at sunset, you get my drift fluorescent tubes for me...eeeeeek, I truly feel like I turn into one of those freaky zombies when I enter a fluorescent space.. who invented those things anyway, they make us all look like ghosts or zombies, take your pick...!!!

See...I told you not to be scared of #2...admittedly bizarre, but not gross...




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