Saturday, January 29, 2011

#3 of Ten Things "Gotta Have My Fountain Pop"

I admit it...I love pop...!  
But not just any ole regular pop...!

To really perk me up, make me smile, tickle my toes, it has to be the one, the only....FOUNTAIN POP!!

I love it, almost to the annoyance of the people who know me best...I have been with my daughter on occasion, where I have asked her to stop somewhere so that I can get a fountain pop and it actually annoys her so much that she refuses!  Can you believe it?  After going through 20 hours of on and off labor as well as a C-Section, to bring this girl child of mine into the world, she would actually refuse me my fountain pop...! But on this one day in particular, on our way to visit her husbands family in the country, I finally was able to convince her to stop.  Much to her irritation I might add.  We pull over at one of those Quickie Mart stores, I get myself a great big one, full of ice, 3/4 diet 1/4 regular (thats a whole nother story) and I am happy as a snug little bug in a rug...

I get all settled back into the car, smiling from ear to ear...of course she is still rather irritated, but starting to get over it...and....I don't know what happened, but out of nowhere the lid pops off, this huge plastic recepticle goes flying, spilling every little ounce of my refreshing, ice cold, cup of delight all over me and all over her car..

Do I really need to explain what happened next...? It wasn't pretty, and if you knew my daughter, you can just imagine..

Did I learn some kind of life lesson from this experience?  Was the universe trying to bestow upon me some kind of an important hint or message?

Possibly...but I'm afraid that yummy, ice cold, bubbly, caffeine infused, delightful glass of bliss seems to be speaking just a little bit louder...

There are, after all, worse things...or so I tell myself anyway!!!!

Now, lets see, its 10:08 you think thats to early...? LOL



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