Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brothers and Sisters...

You said, special brothers get special sisters, its so true.
For the bond of brother and sister expresses so much, since its matched in purity...
As in it both learn from each other,
and share the joy and sorrow, which increases, love of
Brother and Sister, as this bond is pure...
I will always cherish, for you are unforgettable.
Rohit Sapra

My sister special, so beautiful in spirit, soooo much fun! Always the goof balls making you pee your pants!

My Brother Scott.."The Fisherman" and now the guitarist..only to mention a few of his amazing talents!

My beautiful, hilarious, giving, amazing cook sister Natalie...I love her with all my heart...she is a survivor!

My beautfiul sister in-law Joyce..such a talented decorator, fashionista and one of the kindest ladies I know!

Our "kids"...such incredible, beautiful human beings, funny, intelligent, compassionate, loving people..the world and especially mine, is a much friendlier, beautiful place with them in it!!  Oh I could go on and on..

My husband and his sisters...even though they don't get to see each other very much, it is so obvious that geography plays no part in the bond of brothers and sisters!

On the day our daughter and son in law were married, two families merged into is now the Walker-Johnson family...this is my son in-laws brother Trevor Walker..such an incredible guy, such a thinker, always on an adventure of sorts and the best baker in the world.

My son-in law Brandon and his other brother Nick...Nick is the sweetest guy and an amazing guitarist, and I must mention a world traveler at such a young age...he is heading for Germany for the second time!

This is Corey...sister of them she handles all those brothers is a testament to her sainthood..Corey is one of the most beautiful, insightful, talented women I have ever known!! Her healing touch is a true gift of God!

And unfortunately one brother is not represented here as I have no picture of brother Kirk or as we have called him since we were young "Twiggy"skinny as a stick!  Such a loving brother, with the kindest of hearts..a lover of all things on a beautiful mountain top..especially when his dog is by his ya bro...

Brothers and sisters...all those memories...keep them close!!

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