Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Random pictures to brighten my mood"

I had to start with this picture, literally it just cracked me up so much I couldn't resist..
For some reason I think of my brothers when I see this picture...something they would totally do..!

And now on to the more serious photos..

Pictures really do say absolutely MORE than a thousand words and I felt compelled to share some beautiful photograph's that my incredible daughter has taken..

I have always adored this picture...such a cutie pa-tootie!
So happy, the morning of her wedding..such a wonderful, beautiful day in every way..of course she didn't take this photo, but the rest are hers!

My spirits are lifted just in the viewing...may yours be as well..these are in no particular order, just some that I love..

My son Michael has always, always loved Giraffe' fact he had quite the collection when he was a young boy..they are such a wonderful regal in some ways, yet so whimsical in others..I absolutely love the way this windowed doorway frames his face..its amazing she happened to catch this photo just at the right moment...

My daughter's in-laws and now a part of our bigger family, have the most beautiful property in Colbert, WA and the most comfy, welcoming home. I have spent many a days and nights escaping to this beautiful place, for rest, the company of a wonderful family, wonderful food to feed the soul and very needed quiet peacefulness. My retreat..I call it "The Country House"..

A beautiful snowy country road as taken, I believe, on one of daughter and Dad's Saturday morning jaunts.

On a hike in Seattle..Dad, daughter and son..dare we call him "Monkey Boy"?

At the zoo in Seattle..this picture looks like it should be in a fantasy type movie..there is something so magical about it...! I half expect him to have a crown on and a princess lurking about in the background..

My guys at the zoo..I wonder what they were looking at?  I totally can't remember...but there was something so endearing about seeing them from behind and wondering..I totally love the tilt of my son's head..

Our incredibly smart Mar Mar!!!
My girlie grand-pup..

Such a face to love..our little Albus!!!
My very handsome Grand-boy..

"Through the Bridge"

"Under the Bridge"

I hope that you enjoyed these special photos as much as I do..


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