Friday, March 25, 2011

"Random stuff flying out of my head"

Its Friday already
Where does the time go?

Quite scary actually, that time just whizzes on by and before you know it 5 days have passed.
I vaguely remember the week, the busyness of is but a huge blur..
I am left with feelings of accomplishment for all of the things I was able to achieve...but I am also able to look around at my messy house and am totally reminded of all the things I didn't quite get around to..

The vacuum is still standing in wait in the living room..
The ironing board and iron in the same place as it was 2 weeks ago, right next to the vacuum..
Dishes in the sink and on the counter..

Laundry waiting to be folded and more waiting to be cleaned...
I totally want this washer and dryer, but I refuse to dress up!!!
Floors to be swept, dust to be dusted...

Dare I admit that I really don't I sit here and write..
There are some things that just don't seem to have the same meaning as others to me anymore..

Ok I admit it, I would rather be watching the videos for my class, working on my SHE ART, or creating a new page in my art journal..
And I still have projects from my Brave Girls class to finish.......

These are the things that call me with louder voices than the dust or the dishes..
I am learning to embrace my messiness after years of obsessing about tidiness..!!!
And thats a very good thing!
No more questioning or feeling obligated
I will now embrace what God places on my heart each day

I will listen to the chores HE has in store for me this day..
So I will do a little of this and a little of that and whatever gets done gets done..
Yeah I think I like that feels right..makes me feel happy...and you know what they say

I leave you with that thought..and when you really think about it...its totally true!!

Love to all and wishes for a very wonderful weekend... 

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