Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Boy do I need some new clothes"

Standing in front of my closet earlier this week I realized that it is in dire need of new friends..
In the gazing of it I am reminded of so many places and moments where these pieces of fabric served me well, made me feel pretty and comfortable and believe it or not bring back the so many memories for me of where they were worn...

Kind of weird huh?  That I can remember where I wore certain outfits, but I can..
I actually find that I have an affectionate attachment to the things hanging in my closet.  Different colors, patterns, textures...they all have their own particular feel, color, shape, personality and duty...they have served me so well and continue to do so, but I think they are getting just a tad tired themselves and of each other, quite ready to meet new friends.

I am determined to add to my wardrobe with only thrift store finds...some as they are and others re-made a bit from their original design.
I am quite excited really to go a hunting and see what I find and can put together..but the main goal I have in mind is to only clothe myself with recycled goods...just thinking about it makes me excited for the possible creations, excited with anticipation of what I might come up with and proud in a way that I will be re-purposing items that still have a life to give...

Having said that, I am on a hunt to find some dresses, rather vintagey in nature...50's styling...I actually love to wear dresses so I found this picture of a few styles I will be on the looking for...

I love every one of them!!!  Not so sure my body type will be the most flattered in them, but hey I rather like my little curves and I am enough just as I am... Me....

I also am in need of cardigans...I just love them......just a few styles I will be on the lookout for..

I love, love, love this, but I think I would want to change out to pearl buttons..

And this one!  I am so in love with it...

And this little cutie..there again I would have to find some way cooler buttons, most likely with metal...

So I will be on the hunt to find, to re-style, to wear...and me, my closet mates and my pocketbook will be very happy!


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  1. Love this idea. Jenaye found a darling outfit at the Goodwill that she wore for her grandpa's funeral service. I remember getting hand-me-downs from your mom, Judy and Tootie. Most of the garments were prom dresses. I had just started sewing my own clothes and decided to re-make a few of those dresses. They served me well and I was proud of what I did with them. Have fun shopping! Love ya!