Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"My House is Restored"

As most everybody knows I recently took the online class "Brave Girls-Soul Restoration"
To try to describe what this class mean't to me and how much I learned would definitely be difficult...I find there are truly no words to explain the process as it is completely different for everyone based on how damaged the house of YOUR soul may be...lets just say, my house was in a very damaged state, in need of immense maintenance and repairs and more than anything was in need of love!!!!  Did I find that? Was I able to give the house of my soul what it needed to feel like a home again? Did I have the energy to put things back together, fix the most damaged parts, brighten up the rooms that needed fresh coats of paint, curtains, decorating? Could I once again enter my house, look around and feel comfort, strength, energy, pride?
Was it filled with beauty? Were there memories of beautiful things and times? Could I feel at home again there, protected and safe? Did the garden around my house grow once again, filling my eyes and my heart with the beauty of the life God has given me?
Were the bookshelves once again full of my friends that have always offered me journeys to embark upon?
Did the smell of things being lovingly prepared in the kitchen once again take me to that place where I am fed?
The house of my soul has been restored, regardless of how difficult, how challenging, how scary things needed to get, 
I did it ANYWAY!!!

This piece I created hangs lovingly where I can always remember the journey and the hard work, diligence and energy that it took to get there...never forgetting that the journey was mine and makes me who I am today!!!
An ever evolving, incredibly brave lady!


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