Monday, March 28, 2011

"Monday Sharing"

Ok, this sharing may be somewhat redundant because seriously who hasn't heard of, but just in case:

I love her!! I love her website, her blog, her cooking, her animals, her life..but most of all I love her ability to tell the stories of her life. She writes with such a combination of endearment and wonderful, so enjoyable...if someone asked me who I would most like to meet, it would be her!  Such an incredible soul, such an interesting and fun to read life!

Such a beautiful lady inside and out..
I love to open up her website each morning and it never fails to start my day off with such a warm heart, always putting a continuous smile on my face..
And this morning is no is the picture that looked me in the face upon opening her page..

First there was Charlie and now there is Walter!!!  Oh my gosh two Bassets..
Now if you have been following and reading my blog you know my love for all things Basset, so this picture made my day!!!!
Is he not the cutest darn thing you have ever seen..I mean really those ears are enough for me to want to hug and kiss his little self.

Enjoy and have a most precious day!


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