Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Its going to be ok"

I opened up my e-mail this morning to find this e-mail from
Each day when I receive her words, I am always blown away by how fitting what she has to say at that particular time applies so perfectly to my life in that for me as I was awakened by a 5:30 am call from my son who had lost his debit card and needed me to help him, I felt that familiar sadness of a Mom missing her son.  He is living in downtown Seattle, on his own with his buddies and as much as I put on a brave face, surrender him and his well being and safety to God, I still wish for the nearness of him. 

I am a very proud Mama delighting in his growth, in his independence, in the positive choices he is making...but I must admit, at times I worry if he is eating healthy, taking care of himself like I know all those things a Mom worries about...
I know I must let those worries go...he is in God's hands and I need to have faith he will provide and take care of him...something I am working on admittedly...a Mom control issue I think...
Anyway, enough blathering I was saying Holley's words this morning were extremely applicable to me and I wanted to share...she is such a great writer and never fails to make me think and feel better!

Hello, Friend...
I'm sitting in a coffee shop this morning. Outside the skies are stormy. I've walked through my share of rain the last few years.
I think of you and whisper a prayer, "What should I write today?" And one sentence keeps coming back to my heart...
It's going to be okay.
I wish I knew the details of your situation, wish you were across this table from me with a cup of something warm in your hand. But I know there's One with you right now who is familiar with all of your circumstances.
He knows what you need today.
Oh, He loves us.
So much.
And whatever we're going through,
He's going to see us to the other side.
This storm--
He'll redeem every drop.
He'll turn it into new life, growth.
Every bit of rain is a flower waiting to happen.
Not at all.
Not for us.
After years of storms, I've learned that much.
The barista says to a customer across the counter, "I was really wishing the sun would come out today."
I glance at the sky and it's still hiding.
But it's not gone.
I sip my coffee, stare at the clouds, and dare to hope
Blessings and hope for a most beautiful day for all,



  1. Valerie,

    tears fall from my face as i type this to you....i cannot tell you how much i needed to read this .... exactly, now.

    thank you for visiting my blog which led me to your lovely, inspiring, God loving place.

    Holley's words are beautiful and true and right.

    i will cling to them as i am in a little storm...but believe He is with me...always.

    love to you

    ps...when are you going to Brave Girls??? it is INCREDIBLE!

  2. The hardest thing a parent can ever do is "let go" of a child, no matter their age or circumstance. But, you are doing the right thing. The more I let go, the easier it gets and blessings always come from it. Love, Linda