Friday, March 25, 2011

"Some more random thoughts and things I love"

Silly me...I totally forgot to tell you about the newest class I signed up for..

Am I like so excited or what..
I just finished the "She Art Workshop"
and now Christy is starting 
"She had three hearts"
Here is her link so that if you are so inclined you can take a gander..

Trust me, should you decide to sign up for this next class of hers you will absolutely love every minute of it and if you sign up before May 2nd it is only 35.00 for 3 full weeks!

Next random thought..
I absolutely love "The Pioneer Woman"!!!
Ree is incredible..I mean incredible in every way..she makes me smile and laugh every single time I read anything she has written..
I totally dream of meeting her...and I so want to give her Charlie a huge hug!!!

Is that not a face to love or what..are you kidding me, such a cutie patutie..ok its decided, my next dog will be a Bassett..

I love eating leftover casseroles in the morning..a big bowl of um, topped with Kraft American Cheese, yes you heard me right, heated in the microwave and devoured while my beggar dog Maddie stares at me..

A cheesy mouthful of yumminess!!!

I would live in my jammies if I could get away with it..
And not the fruffy kind or the fancy kind, just the comfy kind..I think I want these..

In fact I know I want these..I mean why can't we all just run around in comfy jammies..who made that rule anyway...?

I love to do puzzles..but they take me a long time..I mean set up on the diningroom table for a year long time..every time my son in-law, who  helped me get the one I'm working on started, which is still just sitting there..anyway every time my son in-law stops by he always sees it still sitting on the table and says "still haven't done anything on that puzzle??"
But I do love them, or maybe I just love the idea of them..not so sure, since it is still sitting there...maybe its because it has a thousand pieces and they all look the same to me...eeeeekkkk!

I think I am done now with random thoughts..
Okie dokie, bye now..


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