Thursday, March 17, 2011

"What I am reading"

Just in case I might not have mentioned this before, I am an avid reader, absolutely can't not be without a book or fact I'm one of those quirky readers that is always in the midst of at least 2 or 3 books, sometimes more, at the same time..of course there most definitely has to be a novel or 2, very different in theme, depending on the mood I am in and then usually some kind of book on faith, including my beloved bible always. Some form of art perusing whether that be the magazine "Artful Blogging" or one of the other incredible Somerset Offerings or an actual book on art in whatever form. There must always be what I call "deep thinking" books, these are the types of books my husband likes to indulge in and loves me to join him for know what I mean, the books that you can only digest occasionally, that might take you a year to read but you never forget them..
So anyway, I thought I would share the chosen ones that have recently been inhabiting my bed side table..maybe you will see something that might peek your interest..oh and I am a huge fan of the library for several reasons...the number one reason being that I find the library to be that place for me that encompasses everything I love...peaceful quiet, books as far as you can see and the smell of books...its the paper I think...I can wander up and down those big tall aisles for a couple hours...I also adore book stores, especially locally fact it was always one of my dreams to have a quaint little bookstore, combined with an artists loft where people would have a place to come and use as a studio if they didn't have a space in their home, combined with a little cafe offering homemade comfort never knows!

Ok...its early in the morning and I tend to divert...on to the books..

"The Novels"

If you have never indulged in one of Carl Hiaasen's books check him out. His books are quirky, funny and entertaining, yet they always  keep me turning the pages waiting for the next freaky thing that is going to happen...


Sorry, not a very good this book are not for everyone, and I don't think I would actually spend money to buy it, sorry Sweet Potato Ladies, but if you want a light read after a long, busy, demanding day, that will make you chuckle, this one does just that.  I read, oh maybe a chapter at a time or so and it always brings me back to the comical side of life...and I don't know about you, but a little comedy relief is always a good thing..


My constant companion...I love, love, love this bible and it shows..mine doesn't look quite this nice, in fact it is definitely well loved and used and highlighted all over the place..

The book that my current women's group "The Joy Love Club" is studying...very insightful, extremely affirming and inspirational and boy does this book make you take a good look at yourself and where you are in your personal walk with the Lord..

For the last almost 4 years, after becoming very ill and loosing my career of almost 30 years, our family has been challenged beyond anything we have faced in our 35 year marriage with children, than we have ever endured.  This book is truly the way out..Dave Ramsey is incredible and provides sensible, solid avenues to follow, finding your way back to "Financial Peace" incredible journey back from the worry and stress of trying to live on 50% less, as my family was forced to face...I highly recommend this book...


I absolutely love this is always on my bedside table and I read it over and over and over many things to ponder, so many things to experiment with, so many thoughts to write about...a lovely journey!

Can't not have at least one of these by my side at all times..

And lastly the current "Deep Thinker"

Seriously I can only take this book in very small doses..its his writing, for me husband didn't seem to have as much of an issue with that as I do..but its obvious the man is incredibly brilliant, but when he writes its like he is thinking out loud and frankly I don't think on the same intellectual level as he I am reading I get frustrated that he can't seem to put things in layman's know the kind of Dr. that talks totally over your head and you want to slap them to bring them down to earth for just a minute...well that is how I feel when I read this book...don't get me wrong, I am intrigued, I do find what he is saying to be interesting, but for heaven's sake, couldn't he just make it a little more user friendly.  The few times that he actually tells a story to illustrate his point, I totally get it...and I saw a little peak of Eckhart Tolle in human form..but most of the time he writes like he is only conversing with Einstein or something...I am determined to finish this book, but I have to say, his writing style has challenged my determination!

Well thats it..hope you enjoyed..I think I will go read now...!!

Lifting prayers up for the people of Japan..

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  1. Oprah did a weekly series with Eckhart Tolle and the book you mentioned. It was done with Skype so that you could call in and ask questions. It was very well done and I don't think I could have gotten through the book without it. You got to see how very human and humble Eckhart is. Here is a video of him.