Saturday, March 12, 2011

"A Very Special Opportunity"

On Christy's blog she is offering an amazing opportunity for anyone to join the "She Art Workshop" that started a couple of weeks ago, with full availability of all video instructions and pdf's...that is if you sign up on or before April incredible is that?...
She has lovingly asked all those of us who are her current students, to pass this very generous offer on to all of our friends, family and of course our very loyal blog readers.

This is an amazing workshop and one which I have thoroughly enjoyed, savored and loved every minute of.  I have learned so much and Christy's teaching style inspires such enthusiasm and excitement in you to create right along with her.  She offers a ton of instructional videos on so many different topics which literally fills your brain with an endless amount of ideas to play around with!
Hop on over to her blog, I have provided a link above, and read all about her class and do yourself a huge favor and indulge in this wonderful gift to will love it and her!
Oh and by the way, if you sign up and mention that I referred you she will bless me with a little gift...that would be very cool!

So go do it...and have an amazing time...
Love and blessings always...


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  1. I love you Val. I cannot wait to connect with you in person. You are amazing.