Sunday, March 6, 2011

"A few pictures of my recent work"

Last week I began the wonderful class "The She Art Workshop" taught by Christy Tomlinson of
It has been such an exciting class already.  She began the class teaching you about all the different supplies that can be used for mixed media, including various ideas on what you can actually use to create on, such as wood, canvas, paper etc...and then on to the many different paint, ink, texture mediums that are out there that can be used, how you can utilize them for different effects and how she uses them to create background textures and layers. After playing around with different mediums we were on to the actual instruction and ideas of how to put it all together the way that you want to and finally how to make "the girls (the shes) that are the basis of your was so much fun, I absolutely had the best time last week and can't wait for next week.

Of course in deciding what you actually want to create there needs to be an idea, an inspiration..mine was..
If I could create a picture of myself, obviously in a nutshell, that symbolized and made a statement of who I am and how I make my way through each day, what would she look like and what would she have to say?
Here is what I came up with and I am in love with it and it now proudly hangs on a perfect little wall in my livingroom..
Pictures taken courtesy of my daughter Erika, the you know, if you have been following this blog, it is best for me to leave the photography to someone else!

The overall canvas, entitled "One Thing At A Time"

This next picture is, for lack of a better explanation, the subtitle to this piece.."Moving forward is what she knew"

This picture is "Me" to me...and I love her, she is me..

and just a couple more for good measure...this one highlighting the theme of time..

And lastly just another angle...

Hope you enjoyed...and thank you Erika for taking such great are hired!!

More later, but off to breakfast with my hubby and friends..

Blessings as always..


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  1. What a positive way to create. I love the "you"!