Friday, March 18, 2011

"Its Friday Sharing.."Heart to Heart with Holley"

Somehow Holley's words seem to always be perfect for me just at the right time, and it never ceases to amaze me that her Thursday or Friday posts totally sum up the week for me...hmmm, do you think there might possibly be a very special reason for that??

So here it can also find or subscribe to her everyday words written on her blog here Holley.

This is actually Thursdays post of this week and touched every sad, sensitive part of me...but in the end her words truly lifted me up and reminded me that I am never, ever alone, even when it might feel that way!

Posted: 17 Mar 2011 06:35 AM PDT
Woman on Beach photo by Juliana Coutinho (flickr creative commons)
I pull my car into a spot, turn off the engine, and a feeling unexpectedly wraps itself around me.
I brush it off--who has thoughts like that in the parking lot of her favorite coffee shop? I think of my family, friends, all of you and shake my head. What's the matter with me?
But from time to time, loneliness pays me a visit. I don't ever talk about it. I really don't even want to talk about it now. Oh, yes, God isn't a big fan of my comfort zone.
What am I learning about loneliness?
First, it's universal. We all feel lonely sometimes. It's not a personal reflection on us but rather "Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy" (Proverbs 14:10).
So don't let the enemy trick you into believing it's about you--that it's some sort of sign that you're not good enough, loveable enough, worthy enough. No, ma'am. You just put on some pointy-toed shoes and kick those lies to the curb.
Elijah was a prophet in the Old Testament who challenged the prophets of Baal in a serious showdown and God made an incredible victory happen. So what does Elijah do? Hightails it to the wilderness and tells God he's done. He says, "I am the only one left..." (that's loneliness talking).
God's response is full of tenderness:
When we're lonely, the first thing we need is to sense God's presence with us. Yet even after this, Elijah repeats to God, "I am the only one left...." Then God tells him that there are seven thousand others faithfully serving Him too.
Hmm, I'm thinking back to the coffee shop parking lot incident. Yep, loneliness distorts our perspective. I'm learning sometimes we just need a little reminder of the truth--that God is with us, others are alongside us, and loneliness is just a feeling not a fact about who we are.

Blessings for a most lovely weekend!!!

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