Monday, February 14, 2011

"Some incredible work from my cousin"

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the blog of my cousin Linda can reach there by clicking on her name above or you will also find the link to her blog
 "Art From The HeART" 
on my sidebar under "other blogs"..
When I was young Linda was quite present in my life for a time and used to babysit me..but as families grow up and move on I have only seen her once in recent years at a family reunion...and I will never forget when her sweet husband swallowed a bee and got stung in the throat while it was going down...
so scary...especially since I'm allergic to bee's and it kind of freaked me out..he ended up just fine, thank goodness..
We have recently reconnected through my blog, which has been such a treat for me, and she has been such a wonderful supporter and commenter..
Here are just a couple of her beautiful painting...Linda, thanks for sharing, and to see more of her work please visit her blog...

For those of you who live in Spokane Washington this is Gordon Hall on the old MaryCliff campus..MaryCliff was a catholic all girls school, which has since closed sometime in the 70's or so...what a stunning painting and such a beautiful depiction of the building...

This is entitled "Sycamore" and if I understood her description correctly..she talked about it being "our" Sycamore, so it must be on their property..I just absolutely love this painting...the colors are so beautiful and the detail is incredible...

The West Orange Road Bridge..on Linda's site she has such a wonderful narrative on the history of this much history in a bridge...this is my absolute favorite..she captured all the different colors of the metal so beautifully, so true to form, and the road leading up to the entrance is so lovely...I can just visualize it so well as if I was standing there...

Linda I love your work, absolutely love it...thank you for sharing..

Blessings and love to you Linda!


  1. Thank you Val! So glad you enjoy my work. And thank you so much for posting my paintings!

    Love, Linda