Monday, February 21, 2011

"Another journal page"

A quick post this morning...
Another journal page from yesterday...
This page was created around the statement
"It is no accident that you are where you are, with who you are with, doing what you are doing"

The inspiration for this page was not only the journal prompt above, but also a picture that I found in the little advertising booklet I get from Pier 1.  On the front cover was this lovely picture of a bouquet of beautiful roses that look more like peonies to me.  They are in all shades of pinks, even the ones that look white in the picture are a very soft shade of pink that almost looks like organza fabric.  Goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere!
I again brought out my watercolors, this time not the pencils, and played around with shades of pink to make the background.
I cut the leaves from different green papers I had in my stash, added a few more typed and printed expressions, and lastly had to have some buttons and another little flower embellishment. 
When I look at this page in my journal it brings back to me so many memories of my Grandma Mary...she not only loved roses and peonies, but also grew the biggest most beautiful bushes of each...always caring for them with such love...

Obviously my picture taking skills were not up to par on these photos..that certainly will instill in me, yet once again, the importance of patience and waiting for the professional photographer in the household...the shininess that you see is the Mod Podge I now am in love with and can't live without since Brave Girls...

Truly, these pictures do not do this page is a very pretty page and makes me yearn for spring and summer...

Blessings to all,

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  1. Dad always prided himself in his peonies. I just love them, because of him. Your blog is so very creative, Val! Hugs!