Thursday, February 24, 2011

"A Bit of Quilt Love"

Ok, so for the last couple of weeks I had this cold thing that never got very bad..kind of a stuffy nose, a little bit of a sore throat, a little sneezing, some body aches but not bad, felt kind of tired, but it never got unmanageable, didn't affect my sleeping or eating...and then on Monday I felt so good and thought Yeah I finally beat the bug!!!

Well Tuesday morning, just the very next day of all things, I woke up with my nose so stuffed up I couldn't breathe, my ear hurt, my throat hurt and I was freezing...and of course, like always, here comes the bronchitis!!! Drat..
On my way to the Dr. today, so I know once I get some good medicine in me it will be a thing of the past...and I was so excited that I made it through the winter without getting sick...

And if you don't live in the Northwest, our lovely skies delivered 12-15 inches of the white stuff...wind and 12 degrees...not looking forward to the 14 mile drive to the Dr. I am totally going to have to find a Dr closer to my house...

Out my front door

The table on my patio

Ugh!!!  My hubby is going to have a lot of snow blowing awaiting him when he gets home tomorrow! Usually I would take care of it, but in this case don't think that would be to good with bronchitis..

Anyway, so back to the point of this post...

I haven't really felt good enough to do anything that required much I decided to pull out a beautiful quilt that I have been working on for almost 3 years and do some work on it...
Each square requires hand stitching, which I totally love doing, and it is one of those things you can sit on the couch, watch TV and it doesn't require much thought if any...perfect for a sickie..

The name of the quilt is called "Birds of a Feather" and it was a "Quilt of the Month" kit that I signed up for from 
Carriage Country Quilts in Des Moines Washington...
I love this place...even my husband doesn't mind visiting them..

So, so cute outside and inside!

Wanted to share a few pictures, please excuse the wrinkles, as I don't usually pull the iron out until I'm completely done with all the squares..

I don't know what my problem is with the pictures being all blurry...I'm sure it must be the camera and not the operator...guess I better leave the picture taking up to the Mr.

So there you go...I feel it quite perfect timing to bring this out  to begin working on it again..having just completed "Brave Girls" class and with their little guardian being birds, it feels quite that even an actual word..spell check thought I was crazy or something...

Blessings, stay well and drive safely


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