Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Its a new day and time for a new book"

I have wholeheartedly, with faith, become a part of a new book club, an online book club..it is a feature of the InCourage website which I discovered through Heart to Heart with Holley. You will also find the InCourage button on the side of my page that will take you right there, and then all you have to do is click on the book club tab.

I absolutely love to start my day with Heart to Heart with Holley...her words are so beautiful and her writings about faith are encouraging and always leave me with such a sense at the wonder and beauty of our Lord.  I find them so applicable to my life and its blessings and trials...

The book that is being read is one of exploring our faith in the midst of unexplainable human experiences,  moments of tragedy that we can't understand, that make us wonder if God is really there, if he really loves us and cares and most of all learning how deep our faith really goes when times of struggle ensue...the real challenge!

If you visit the site and click the book club tab you will be able to watch a video with the author talking about what brought her to the writing of this book..
Chapter one is just beginning, so its not to late to begin as well...

Here is the link to be able to read more about this beautiful book, or to purchase and read along...DaySping Blessings..once you are in the site click on Christian books and then on Books for women..I tried but wasn't able to get the link to go right to the book..but not to hard to find..

Find your peace today and many blessings as always..


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