Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Just in case you might be wondering"

I bet there are some of you out there that are wondering "why does this girl keep changing the background on her page?"
Or maybe not...but either way here is somewhat of an explanation, I hope..
In creating a space that you feel represents, in one glance, a brief look into who you might be, for me, the background is like that first having said that I have been through a few choices, none of which seemed to feel right..
Until I found the one that you see now...I know it seems rather dark, but to me it seems warm and interesting...
And what I find warm, interesting and wonderful about it, is it feels to me like the 2 places in this world I most want to visit...and someday I will...that is my wish...!

Paris...thank you Julia Child for placing this wonderful city upon my heart...


Tuscany...Anthony Bourdain you made me fall in love with Italy and all of its regions all over again...

I am enamored by both of these places, I think because so much of their culture embraces food, wine, family...the love of the eating, the love of the cooking of it and the sharing of all..

So there you explanation..this background makes me feel as if I am there, even for a brief moment...I might need to add some french and italian music to my play list...hmmm, now thats an idea...!

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  1. I love how this blog keeps changing! I wonder where you get all these wonderful pages, background, etc.