Thursday, February 3, 2011

#8 of Ten Things "Embracing The Me Inside"

I have spent, what seems like a lifetime, to get to this point...I celebrate now, for it feels as if I have arrived...!

I am unique..there is no other person like me...I was given special gifts that are just is ok if others do not is ok to go a different way than those around mistakes are not who I is time to hold my head up high...I am "Enough" just the way I best is not the same as anyone else's, its ok to be me...I am learning so is time that I forgive myself...I do not need the approval or validation of others to be ME...

The very thing that may make me stand out, makes me feel peculiar, and maybe even sometimes a little bit like an probably the thing in my life that will have the most impact on others, as well as myself..

I am ready to shine!

Blessings as always...

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