Friday, February 4, 2011

#9 of Ten Things "Whose idea was the Pantyhose?"

Oh my gosh...just look at them...they totally look as scary as they feel!

Just so I am clear and there is no mistaking how I feel about these ridiculous looking pieces of work....I HATE PANTYHOSE!

Quite some time ago, I was actually wondering to myself, and most likely out loud to anyone that would listen, who in the world sat around one day and came up with this little gem of an idea...and somewhere in my heart of hearts I knew it couldn't have been a I decided to take it one step further and check it out, so off to good ole google I went...

I bet you can guess what I found, especially if you are got it...IT WAS A MAN!!!  I knew it, I just knew it....I invite you to read for yourself...

Some guy named Allen Gant in 1959...

So there you have it...some crazy lunatic man thought he was doing the women of the world a favor, by hooking panties to weird colored fabric that would cover the natural color of the skin on our legs...all so he could eliminate our need for multiple foundation garments!...well then now I ask you...who in the world thought of the multiple foundation garments that had to replaced?

No never mind, I really don't want to know...all I know is, I think all that money and all that energy, could have spent on a lot more important maybe full steel armor underwear for the men folks, instead of those dumb little jock straps, what are those anyway...?

I'm just sayin...its a freaked out world!


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