Saturday, October 1, 2011

"One Thought To Ponder And One Dessert To Die For"

I've recently been pondering the idea of doing a little kitchen redo thingy..
Having said that, I will also state that I seriously don't have a budget for it AT ALL!!
But never fear, I am an ingenious one I'd like to think..
I have vision, I have fortitude to go the distance, I am creative and I am resourceful..
Soooo...I was already talking with my husband about painting the kitchen a caramelish color and I think I noticed a slight head nod..
Now whether he was actually listening listening, or doing the man listening thing I don't know..but a head nod is good enough for me...
I am thinking of starting with the walls and then seeing if me simple cabinets fit in after that...they are quite nice, nothing fancy, but they are sturdy, well made and they are maple..
So Caramel on the walls first..a little darker and warmer than this color, but you get the idea..but what I am dying for are these counter tops.

They are actually concrete made to look like wood..
how incredibly cool is that..the look I want and will these things last forever or what?? 
But I am thinking they must be obscenely spendy..
but worth checking out I believe...
And that sink..oh my gosh...
So this color kinda, on my walls, maple cabinets and this incredible counter..thank goodness my kitchen is small with not a huge amount of counter space..maybe its doable..!!!
Never hurts to get a bid I say...

While I'm pondering, while I'm dreaming, while I'm planning, I say these would be the perfect, with a wonderful cup of coffee to boot..

apples wrapped in crescent dough with sugar, butter and brown sugar..ahhhhhh!!

Yes I do believe I adore dreaming and pondering..

Happy dreams to you too!



  1. I love that kitchen! I think concrete counters would be great too... I've never seen them look like wood though!

    Isn't Pinterest divine? I can spend hours there-it's terrible! LOL

  2. I love the colors! I have always loved any shade of yellow. Those are great counter tops. Hope your dream comes true!