Thursday, October 13, 2011

"On A Recent Road Trip"

Not too long ago 4 girls set out on the road..
Many miles traveled in the company of that incredible safe place called friends..
Arriving to the open arms of Aunt Elaine and Uncle Bob..
Beautiful Corey on the far left, Aunt Elaine (our hostess with the mostest) in the hoodie,
Yours truly in the sunglasses (never without my shades) and Dena, my wonderful daughter's
Mommy in-law and one of my closest girl sisters!

On the beach in Northern California...
We sit..4 of us minus daughter behind the camera..
Soft sand in our feet,
Endless ocean, endless waves..
No words needed, we all stare ahead in awe..
Our eyes reminding us that what we are seeing is so much greater than ourselves!!

Thank you my very special friends for an incredibly special journey!

Blessings Always..

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