Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Hmmm..Some New Projects To Ponder"

I happened upon this most lovely blog just the other day
and I have to say I have been in heaven ever since..!!!
What a beautiful blog, full of the prettiest colors greeting you upon arrival
and absolutely abounding with inspiration!!

Here are 3 projects I believe I will need to partake of during this winter nesting time..

I am aghast with sewing and fabric pleasure with this lovely and she has offered a tutorial on the much easier than it might appear to be..
but heavens to Betsy...the colors, the colors..
I am beside my little self!!

And these...I have no words...
they are a total must "make" !!!

And this...I must begin right away...I am already in possession of
everything needed...I am feeling this would be perfection for this upcoming Sunday!!

So there they are..winter projects I said, I am in heaven just contemplating!!

I leave you, on this bright and beautiful sunshiney fall day here in the amazing Northwest
with this cutie patootie from one of my favorite all time characters..

Oh how I wish I could, but I can hear it..
work is calling..!!

Blessings for a most wonderful day with maybe a "Nap or Two" for you!!!


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