Monday, October 10, 2011

"A Beauty Of A Cake"

Had to totally show off the talents of my sweet little friend and daily companion at work
 Kristen and her Mr. Eric..

A cake made with love for his Mama..

Kristen was so kind as to send me pictures of each stage of their fun and yummy weekend project..
Can't let something like this go by without talking about it, now can I.. :-)
They are soooo adorable and so is the cake..

I believe the cake is white chocolate as well as dark chocolate, mixed together in a very magical way to make this..

Ok guys, I hope I explain this right..

One with white chocolate, one with dark chocolate, each dropping by cupfuls alternately, working very quickly to make the pattern..

This is after baking...
Sooooo darn pretty and amazing I say!

Like a cool is that!!!  And she said it is 
quite yummy indeed!

Now decorating start to finish..

I am over the top impressed!
Neither one of them has ever done anything like this before, truly proves the point that with determination and an open heart, not to mention a trusted, excited, enthusiastic someone beside you,
you can do and achieve anything..!

What a lucky Mommy Eric's Mom is..
Do I see a cute little bakery in your future??? :-)

Incredible job, you guys are amazing!

And just because I couldn't resist, had to throw in a pic of their baby Mugsy!!
A couple days before the "Cake Making Challenge" Kristen was enjoying a nice, relaxing, warm bubble bath and he just had to join in...what a smart puppy!
Now is this not the cutest picture and look at her little toes poking out of the water..
I swear this dog is a human in "Pug Disguise" Ha Ha!

Love and Hugs,
Miss Val

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