Sunday, October 9, 2011

"My Favorite 8 Things For This Week"

I'm just going to jump right in because I absolutely love all of these favorite things this week..

1.  Someday when we remodel our laundry room, I would love it to be just like fact I showed it to my sweet Mr. and he actually said 
"we could totally do that" eeeeekkkk..ok then I'll start dreaming for real.

2.  Right now, today in fact, I am still working on my art room. I feel like I have been working on it for weeks now and actually I think that is pretty has gotten to that point where it needs more than just straightening needs to be gone through and re-organized.  Other than the fact that I don't have quite the same window set up in my room, I sure would love it to be more like this, at least the office part anyway...hmmm...

3.  Ok...all I can say is uhhh HELLO!
Really, really love this, everything about this..I like both of these rooms..
Choosing is such a burden :-)

4. This is a way cuter way to separate my embroidery floss..and I even have clothes pins already...

5. Love this!

6.  Even though these don't match my kitchen by any stretch of the imagination, I just think they are dang adorable..

7. Seriously, is this not a really cool ingeniously creative way to use an old fashioned suitcase..

8.  My reminder for the week to come...I think this is not only darling but pretty simple but great reminders..

So there you go...
May you always find a favorite thing, everyday..!
Oh and be kind out there to one another..

Blessings again..

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