Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Rainy Fall Days There's Just Something Wonderful About Them"

In our neck of the woods (the beautiful Northwest), it has been
raining for the last couple of days..

Slightly dark and misty
That absolutely wonderful rain smell
and the sound...ohhhh how I love going to sleep to the sound of rain!
I actually quite like it, not too much of it at one time mind you, but I find it quite pleasant and refreshing and in the fall especially, quite comforting...

Wouldn't these be wonderful for a day such as this?

Oh my oh adorable is this..not quite mean't particularly for rain, but I am thinking with an umbrella in tow...PERFECT in every way...

And this...just because

Such a lovely felted hat...but honestly, this mannequin head scares me!!! :-)


These of course need to be on my feet..

Ok I get that they don't quite match what I have going on above, but I'm not so much a matchy, matchy girl anyway..they are just peachy heaven though...

And lastly..

A SEE THROUGH UMBRELLA!!! cool is this...protected from the rain, but you can still see it coming!
I gotta find one of these..

Oh and dare I say these..and then my day will be quite lovely indeed!! thats what I'm talkin about!!!
and yes please on a couple of these..

Ok, I think I'm all good now...
Time to hit that road I mentioned..

Blessings of all kinds..!

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