Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Ok I Admit It, I'm Delighting Way Too Much In My Visits to Pinterest"

More often than not, for me anyway, pictures speak louder than words...
In fact, very often, there are just some things where there are no words, but a few..

Like these things..

I finally found my dream I just need to figure out where in the heck it is...

And in my dream house, it will definitely have these...oh I Swoon!!!

And behind this door, into this secret perfect place, you will find my "Art Place"...and in this "Art Place" you will find this, which stores some of my most precious just this perfect color... and above it would hang, just like this, the photography works of my Mr. and my beautiful daughter...

Of course inside this room you will find me, painting away, journaling away and  my red hair will look just like this...hey now, I can dream!! In fact I can set a goal..I am good at goals!

And of course I will be wearing one of these, any of these!!!
I'm thinking the green one would be wonderful with my new long hair :-)

And even though I am busy painting and journaling I will be eating this..a new version I found of my favorite "Monte Cristo" sandwich..this one has turkey and cranberries.  Oh for the love of yummy deliciousness in my mouth!!!

And even though I love my new house, bookshelves, "Art Place", storage dresser, new hair, new dress and new sandwich...
I will be dreaming of finding this place to just "Sit A Spell"..

May you find your dreams!


  1. Put those things on a prayer map! I love them all!

  2. I'm so in seriously love with pintrest!!!! So happy to see someone else in love it it also! I can't even go there in the evening cause I get so inspired that I can't sleep.... Thanks so much for the visit to my little blog. I'm so excited about going to brave girl camp. This time I will be there as staff... So looking forward to watching all the magic unforld. Wish you were coming along. For sure you will be there within the year... I just know it! big brave girl hug to you.