Sunday, May 1, 2011

"My INCREDIBLY TALENTED husband is at it again"

My husband "the photographer" has been out and about of late, finding more interesting bridges to put on are the latest!
Wonderfully detailed..

Walking bridge across the Spokane River adjacent to Gonzaga University..

Same bridge, different angle...the sunrise coming through the cloudy sky, cast upon the river is quite incredible...

Again, the same bridge, but upon it looking skyward...

This is a photograph of the pedestrian crossing on Spokane's lovely Maple Street Bridge..the angle he has chosen on this photograph is while walking in the midst of the bridge..rather reminds me of what I might see at a prison for some reason..I am sure not his intention, but it does give a feel of imprisonment..

Same pedestrian crossing, same bridge, but here the photograph was taken at the entrance..quite a different feel, quite a different impression..and what I noticed is this angle diminishes the size quite dramatically, but the distance in looking through really grasps the actual length of this crossing..

I am so very thankful that we live in an area with many, many bridges waiting to be subjects..!
Which might he find next?

Happy Sunday to all...

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