Sunday, May 1, 2011


It has been 9 VERY long months for a Mom..

Michael surfing in Hawaii 3 years I loved his hair long!
He ended up cutting it the next summer and donating to 
"Locks Of Love"
We were so proud of him for that...but I do miss that hair...was so beautiful and so unique to him!

Michael and our other most beautiful child Erika...our kids...when I look at them my heart is so full of love and I can't help it, but my eyes just can't help tearing up!! They would totally think I am such a softie for saying that, but I admit it, I'm a softie!

Hiking on Kauai's Napoli Coast

After the hike with sister and brother in-law Brandon.. 

Mom with a hug from her boy...Hanalei Bay Kauai...when did he grow so much taller than me?

And more recently...

With Sissy on her wedding day..Sept 2009
What a handsome guy and is that not the most beautiful girl!!

The we love each other or what!!! Are they not the most beautiful couple..?

Prom 2010..I absolutely adore this handsome!
Now there are stories behind those eyes..

The Guys!!!! Why are they all looking so dazed and confused..well except for "Newell"
sorry Joey if I massacred your name...

Proud Mama!

Sissy Love

Hugs from Grandma

"The Contemplator"

The Guys...its finally over!
And for some reason they all looking really young in this picture...maybe it was the relief..

Ahhhh...graduation...he made it! Pneumonia and all!!!
What a great day!

"The Skater"

And now...

9 months of missing the comedy, the funny faces, the acts of protectiveness over his Mom (the skunk story), which I will tell at a later day, the mellow laid back nature of a guy who doesn't believe in gossip, nor partake, the guy who totally accepts others on their terms not his, without judgement..
The guy who admittedly procrastinates and I mean until the very last minute, on chores and such, but who also has a most amazing work ethic, dedicated to hard work and the responsibility of it..
Did I say how proud we are of this amazing guy!

But in 26 short days...he will return home from 9 months of experiencing the big downtown in the big city, walking everywhere and making his own way...
And he has done a fine job at it!!!

Love you son...can't wait to see you everyday!!!


  1. Love this! So excited for you Aunt Val to have your boys back home =)