Thursday, May 26, 2011

"There is really nothing like a memorable meal"

As I wrote previously on Sunday, my daughter and her husband and me and my Mr. were headed off to dinner at Luigi's restaurant to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and
then us girls were on to see "WICKED"... that is another post..

Well they headed out to get us a table at the restaurant and we were following just a couple minutes behind..
So they get there and it is packed and they are met with
the stern, unfriendliness of a hostess not with the mostest!!
They immediately called us and told us what was happening and because we were on a time constraint we decided to walk across the parking lot over to the next street where there is another restaurant by the name of "Italian Kitchen"

Now I need to preface this by saying that Luigi's has always been my very, very favorite Italian place to land...
Well sorry Luigi's...unfortunately not anymore...
Now I am not one of those diner's that is picky beyond belief or anything..
I just want to go out, especially since we can't ever really afford to go out to dinner...only once in a while.. only expectations are that I be welcomed as if I was dining in your we are friends..
I love a cozy atmosphere, attentive service and food that is memorably yummy! That you end of craving in the future..
I don't think that is too much to ask of a fine dining establishment..
Ok...sorry...I kind of went off on a tangent...
Back to the point..

We toddle over to the Italian Kitchen, walk in expecting to wait, and we were greeted with a genuine, welcoming smile and seated immediately...not only that, but the hostess inquired as to whether we were going to be headed to the show...
WOW...she sent our server right over, who explained that in order to get us out in time we would need to try to decide on our orders in the next 3 mins or wonderful that they
wanted us to have a nice dinner but also not be late for the show...
We were not only more than impressed, but the food, oh my gosh it was absolutely to die for...scrumptious...the kind of food that when you take a bite you hum the yum out loud...

Like I said...sorry Luigi's I think I have a new Italian friend!!!

They didn't have Clam Linguini on the menu, but they had Clams in Wine and herbs for an appetizer so they made it for was so fabulous and had the added tasty goodness of panchetta!!!
My daughter had homemade spinach ravioli with a gorgonzola cheese sauce...incredible..
My Mr. had homemade Lobster Ravioli in a rich creamy wine sauce...stupendous
and my dear son in-law had Spaghetti Carbonara with their own homemade italian sausage..
Now I love a good Carbonara, but the addition of their own incredible italian sausage just about put me over the edge..
Good thing we all love to share!!!

We will definitely be paying another visit soon...
A big loving thank you goes out to all the wonderful employees at the Italian do fabulous work!!!!
It was a pleasure to dine at your table...  

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