Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Thrift store finds"

Yesterday after having a most fun day out and about with a friend I decided to stop by the local Goodwill to see whats up!

I had the best many choices..what to do, what to do?

My arms were full of wonderful treasures, but I had a budget and finally settled on these..
I don't think the pictures do them justice but I am in love with all of them...

Now this little grey cutie may not seem like much, but I absolutely adore a good hoodie..snugly and warm and it zips, so no hair messing...and the kicker was it was .99 perfect condition and its already worn in and comfy...

I have been looking for a brown t-shirt type shirt..I absolutely adore the off white stitching and the little cap sleeves..1.99

This picture absolutely does not do this bag justice.  It isn't at all shiny, its just the right size, the hardware is clunky and perfect and the interior looks like it has never been used...I have been looking and looking for a bag just this perfect size with just a touch of blingy stuff, but not to was 50% off and was just 4.99

And lastly my ultimate favorite find...
The Dress

This dress is the cutest thing..even my daughter loved it and honestly she is quite picky and doesn't really go for the Prairie Girl look, but it is just so darn adorable you can't help but love it..
it falls at just the right spot to wear with leggings and flats or tights and "Fat Baby" boots...3.99

So the total for my newest closet mates was 
$11.96 + tax = $13.00

Seriously, $13.00 for a hoodie, a cutie pie brown shirt, a very nice leather bag and that adorable dress..!!!

Did I score or what..

Love it, love them!


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