Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As of today there have been 2019 page views on my blog..who would have thunk it?
That is incredibly amazing to me..
Of course I don't know who all of you are and of course there are some that I do..
My Sweet Spitfire Mama is truly faithful..always checking in, reading and then calling me to talk..
Thank you Erika and I will apologize now if in the future I may embarrass you, but hey that really wouldn't be a new thing!
My absolutely wonderful, talented cousin Linda..I don't think she has missed one yet..
Thank you so much Linda for your support and all of your lovely comments...I promise I will get back to you on the how's of how I do it..especially the decorating of the blog part..
Justine and Christi for checking in and making me feel so validated..!
And to all of the rest...thank you for  the interest you have shown in my little world..
I love a good little visit...and I love you all whoever you may be..


1 comment:

  1. You are welcome,Val! And I love your Sweet Spitfire Mama!