Friday, May 20, 2011

"Its Almost Time"

I can't believe it...its almost time!!!
Time to start this new class NEXT WEEK...!!

with the most beloved, fun, inspirationAL teacher!!!

Owner of the wonderful online store
You absolutely need to delight yourself and all your senses and visit her online store and check out both the classes she offers..
"She Art Workshop"
"She Had Three Hearts"

Get signed up for one or both and truly, you will be incredibly changed by the experience...

Such a cutie pie and so much fun!!
All the wonderful teaching videos in just her sweet style..
I am proud to say that I was a student of her "She Art Workshop" AND SO EXCITED FOR "SHE HAD THREE HEARTS"


Beginning in the first part of June..
To say that "Soul Restoration I" changed me, changed my life, changed how I view the world, see myself, see others, see how my relationship with me, others and the world around me and how I view those relationships and accept them would be just a bit of what I learned in the first class...just a tiny little part of what was opened up inside me and would be as they say an "understatement"
It is difficult for me to express what this class helped me to do for myself and how much I learned and grew in the short time I was a part of it..
All I can say is that "YOU ARE WORTH IT"...

And to try to explain what an incredible soul this woman is would be so very difficult..

Melody Ross is one of those incredible beings that has a true and incredible purpose in this life..
And I believe that purpose is to lift up women all over the them to love themselves, forgive themselves and give us all permission to shoot for our dreams and be all that we can be...

Please visit the Brave Girls site and give yourself a gift that will change your life!

Love and blessings to all...


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