Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Oh What A Beautiful Morning"

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful morning!
Up with the first sunlight..
Filled with energy and a light heart
The incredible shades of green are a delight to these eyes so accustomed to the blah grey hues of winter and a very bleak and rainy spring..

The magnolias are in full and abundant bloom

Life is ultimately restoring and opening its wings to a new season of growth and promise...

I came home from work yesterday and was so excited to mow my lawn...the Mr. is out of town and thought I would surprise him..

Just goes to show you are never to old or out of shape to work in the garden..
Fresh air, freshly mowed grass, cleaning up the neglected flower beds, preparing them for some new blooming friends..

Oh the lovely blessings of spring and all that entails!

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