Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Yes..your eyes are not deceiving you-another post"

I'm catching up for the week...I worked so much at my regular job last week that by the time I got home at night I couldn't manage to do anything but fall onto the couch and stare at the TV...sometimes even if it wasn't on..scary!

I bought a couple of new books to read last weekend and wanted to share them...they both look exceptional..

Still heavily involved in.. 

Soooo good if you enjoy a good family saga..really huge but worth every word...I am engrossed in the character development already and the 1800's are always a favorite period of mine to read about...

Was in Border's books last weekend and when it comes to books I have a hard time, I just love them!
And yes I do love to go to the library as I have way too many books now and need more bookshelves just to house them all...but what can I say, I couldn't resist..

The first lovely choice:

From the back cover:

Like so many others, David Lebovitz dreamed about living in Paris ever since he first visited in the 1980s.  Finally, after a nearly two-decade career as a pastry chef and cookbook author, he moved to the City of Light to start a new life.   Having crammed all his worldly belongings into three suitcases, he arrived, hopes high, at his new apartment in the lively Bastille neighborhood.  (Ok pretty much hooked now)
But he soon discovered it's a different world en France.
From the illogical rules of social conduct to the mysteries of men's footwear, from shopkeepers who work so hard not to sell you anything to the nightmare of unchecked bureaucracy and the arcane etiquette of the cheese plate, here is Lebovitz's story of how he came to fall in love with-and even understand-this glorious, maddening city.
 (Gotta buy it now-no question about it)

I was with my daughter on this particular shopping outing and dare I say her patience only goes so far with me in a bookstore.  When she caught a glimpse of this book she said "you know Mom you need to quit reading books about living in Paris and go there yourself"

And I think I shall like to live right here, but where are the window boxes?
What an incredibly smart child I have if she would like to fork over the bucks it would take for me to get there for at least a fair amount of time to properly assess the city, then bring it on sweet baby girl of mine!!
Trust me I never get the last word with her..I will here from her soon... :-)

Second gotta have choice:

Now I have heard great things about this book and it has been on my library list for most of last year..just haven't gotten to it yet..but after reading about it...well you judge for yourself...

From the back cover:
In 1986, Henry Lee joins a crowd outside the Panama Hotel, once the gateway to Seattle's Japantown.  It has been boarded up for decades, but now the new owner has discovered the belongings of Japanese families who were sent to internment camps during World War II.  As the owner displays and unfurls a Japanese parasol, Henry, a Chinese American, remembers a young Japanese American girl from his childhood int he 1940s-Keiko Okabe, with whom he forged a bond of friendship and innocent love that transcended the prejudices of their Old World ancestors.  After Keiko and her family were evacuated to the internment camps, she and Henry could only hope that their promise to each other would be kept.  Now, forty years later, Henry explores the hotel's basement for the Okabe family's belongings and for a long-lost object whose value he cannot even begin to measure.  His search will take him on a journey to revisit the sacrifices he has made for family, for love, for country...

Hooked...I practically ran to the check out, well especially since above mentioned daughter said "You are done now" rude!!!

All this talk of books and to the kitchen I go and then I may just have to take a rest and read a tad bit!


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  1. "And Ladies of the Club" is one of my all time favorite books. I read a hardbound copy which was so big and heavy I had to prop it on a pillow when I was reading in bed.